management service

audit of managerial staff

Having right people in key positions is crucial factor of the company’s success. We have many years of experience in evaluation of managers in different companies, taking into account their needs and perspectives of development. Well-chosen team of managers, possessing specific authorities and competences, acting often in area of high risk is a key element of modern management in free-market competition. Fortuity of selection of employees with big responsibility given might be the biggest danger for every company. After deep analysis of the company’s needs and after the managerial staff evaluation process we are able to answer all the questions connected with the real possibility of realization of the company strategy.

project and implementation of organizational changes

Not enough precisely projected organizational structure of the company very often causes delays and difficulties in its development and reaching the success. We identify weak elements in existing structure, we evaluate effectiveness of every area, and we introduce our proposal of changes. We also provide the workshops for managerial staff to help them with the initiating of these needed changes.

decreasing the cost of the companies

We deal with the possibility of costs reductions in all type of companies. We analyze and evaluate the efficiency of individual departments, e.g. identify areas generating largest costs, very often not proportional to their effectiveness. The first thing we ever do is to make the competences of the employees better more “detectable” for the company. At the end we propose the précised schedule of all possible reductions, taking into account all social aspects.

projects of professional development

Finding the talents among many employees and having the strategy how to deal with them in the near future is key point in HR Management. A lot of HR consulting companies can deal with this but there is not so much companies with consultants with some practical experience how to do it in a real world. We have this kind of experience.