company profile

The name of our company – FUTURE TIME is intentional. Due to world financial crisis we have to prepare ourselves for a completely different future from what we have known so far. Especially employers, will more and more often realize that their methods of management need adjustment to meet new circumstances and requirements which can be very challenging. This is a new era of unconventional solutions and we will help you to challenge it. Our CEO is not only experienced Human Resources Director but also a musician, worldwide renowned cold wave composer and songwriter. He is really unconventional person. We recognize your individual needs perfectly and work exactly as you wish. We work not only in Poland, but also in CEE countries. Being effective for our customers doesn’t necessarily require a headquarter at the 40th floor of some luxury skyscraper in the centre of Warsaw :)

Our consultants: Piotr Pawłowski

Master of University of Economics in Krakow, Institute of Industrial Management ‘ORGMASZ’ in Warsaw, the participant of exclusive program of EDF University/Cranfield School Of Management, well known in HR area for over 10 years. His professional career is not yet typical for managers of this area – Piotr, from beginning of 90-ties worked on sales and marketing positions, after which he realized that HR in Poland has much more potential to develop. Piotr worked for two international companies and projected and implemented many innovative solutions, conducing toward business development and employees’ consciousness . Since 2005 he propagates ideas of Corporate Social Responsibility – he dreams about implementation of CSR programs in state and municipal institutions. In 2006 he discovered a high potential of implementation of global Health & Safety good practices in Polish realities. Peter, beside of all this above is also an artist, esteemed for over 20 years but it remains a mystery when he has a free time for it. Check for more info: